Your project – our services!

Project development

It is not for nothing that project development is called the supreme discipline of the real estate industry. The process is very complex, but with our experts you are in the best hands!

At first we will create the necessary conditions for your project. In the second step, the conception begins, where the foundation stone for the profitability and feasibility of the property is to be laid. The location, the market, the competition and all possible risks are analyzed. After your project development has been financed, we will start with the commercialization.

Project management

Project management is a very important function within a construction project. Because it stands for the initiation, control and guarantee of the planned processes. One could also say: it maintains the direction and leads to the achievement of goals as straight as possible.

Construction management

We control all activities during the planning and implementation of your construction project. In contrast to industrial production, building is usually about producing a unique item. Our construction management ensures that your project will be carried out as efficiently as possible.

Construction controlling

a) Technical contract review: Our experts review the technical content of the contract. Ambiguous formulations will be eliminated.

b) Plan review: The plans will be reviewed and adapted to the best possible housing potential.

c) Construction-accompanying assessment: Our experts regularly check whether the construction work complies with the plans and recognized standards.

d) Construction acceptance: Our experienced team carries out acceptance assessments for you after completion of the building.